Does justice support ecocide

June 5, 2021, Victoria BC


On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Teal Jones will be making application to the court to the BC Attorney General to,


“assume conduct, on an ongoing basis, of contempt proceedings against all individuals who have been or who will be arrested for breaching the injunction; to undertake a review of the evidence and circumstances surrounding all such arrests; and to assess whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the arrestees for criminal contempt.”


As of July 4, 356 Rainforest Flying Squad members and their supporters have been arrested.


According to a recent Sierra Club poll, 85 per cent of British Columbians want the provincial government to follow through on their election promise to implement all of the recommendations from the independent Old-Growth Panel Review.

Court instructions for attending the court hearing by phone: 


If accredited media or members of the public wish to attend a particular proceeding on the daily hearing list by telephone, they should send a request by email to The Honourable Bruce Cohen, Superior Courts Communications Officer, at as soon as possible in advance of the proceeding.

Telephone participation in a court proceeding may be subject to limits on the number of callers that can be connected through a single dial-in number.