For immediate release
April 29, 2021

VANCOUVER – The Rainforest Flying Squad and others (RFS) filed a Notice to Appeal in the BC Court of
Appeal on April 28, 2021. This legal challenge requests a court hearing to argue that the April 1, 2021
decision by Justice Verhoeven be set aside.

For the past nine months, members of the RFS have been peacefully defending the last remnants of old-
growth forest in Tree Farm Licence #46. Teal Jones’ primary method of logging is clear cutting, ensuring
the loss of biodiversity. They have stated their intention to cut “all available old-growth until it is

Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones states, “the loss of our ancient rainforest means the loss of our culture and
traditions, our spirituality, our place of meditation. The old-growth forest is irreplaceable and I will
stand forever to defend it.”

The RFS contends that there are existential threats to all of humanity and it is time to recognize that the
public interest in this case far outweighs the profit-making ability of a single entity and government.
This Notice of Appeal is made possible by thousands of RFS supporters, and a growing number of
communities, professionals and non-profit organizations across BC.

To access the Notice to Appeal, see the accompanying document.

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