Dear RCMP:

First, thank you for letting us know you will give us 6 hours advance notice before moving in to enforce the injunction orders. This is much appreciated.

We would like to assure you that we are a movement committed to peaceful protest as well as abiding by the provincial COVID-19 protocols. We would appreciate and expect reciprocal treatment on your part. We can promise you there is no need for violent acts and we would ask that RCMP members who have been identified as being heavy-handed in previous events not be in attendance.

It is our hope that the RCMP has learned lessons from the Wet’suwet’en and TMX events. Indigenous members must not be targeted and our right to peaceful protest must be respected. Many of our members have received civil rights training and we will have trained legal observers present. For example, an RCMP liaison has recently told us that all persons who have not left after the six hours will be arrested. It should be noted that not all persons left will be in violation of the Justice’s enforcement order listed below. All actions will be videoed and there will likely be media crews on hand. The world will be watching.

We want you to know who we are: we are Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from all walks of life, doctors, business owners, tree planters, students, moms, dads, youth, academics, elders, artists, care workers, civil servants, photographers, even foresters and loggers, representing the spectrum of people across BC who are protecting the last remnants of our old-growth forests. We are doing this for our children and for yours.

This movement has become so much more than the trees – layered into it all are Indigenous rights, title and colonial expropriation, climate change, biodiversity, social and economic justice, corporate interests that have subverted the public interest, just to name a few. What we do here in this moment is going to ripple down through the generations.

We want you to know what will be lost the minute the old-growth trees are left undefended. Teal Jones will come in and clear cut all those beautiful old trees and rip up the ecosystems. These will never exist again, ever, all because of the short-sightedness of the BC provincial government and the greed of corporations for whom nothing is ever enough. These are the last remnants remaining to us.

We enclose the enforcement orders as set down by Justice Verhoeven so that we all understand the rules of engagement.

Thank you for your kind attention.


The Rainforest Flying Squad


Excerpt from original court order:

1. An interlocutory injunction lasting until midnight on September 26, 2021 is granted requiring
that the Defendants (by themselves, and for their officers, members, servants, agents,
representatives) and anyone having knowledge of the Court’s order, are restrained, enjoined and
prohibited from:
(a) impeding, physically obstructing, or in any way interfering with any person, including any
member of the public, from gaining access to or egress from, or otherwise making use of any road,
road construction site or planned road construction site (the .”Roads”) situate within the area
bordered by (i) the E&N Railway Land Grant Boundary to the east, (ii) the San Juan River and the
Pacific Rim National Park boundary to the· south, (iii).the boundary of the Carmanah Walbran
Provincial Park to the west, and (iv) the Nitinaht River and Nitinaht Lake to the north, as in icated
on the map attached f r illustrative purposes as Schedule A (the “Injunction Area”);
(b) obstructing, impeding, or otherwise interfering with the safe passage of motor vehicl s.
equipment or. machinery belonging to the Plaintiff, its employees, agents, contractors or suppliers
(the “Motor Vehicles”), and in particular, not to come within 50 metres of the Motor Vehicles in
the Injunction Area;
(c) obstructing, impeding or otherwise interfering with any construction activities conducted
on the Roads by the Plaintiff, its_ employees, agents,
. contractors or suppliers;
(d) obstructing,, or otherwise interfering with timber harvesting activities in the.
Injunction Area by the Plaintiff, . its employees, agents, contractors or suppliers;
(e) threatening,_ harassing, intimidating, assaulting, physically obstructing, or physically
interfering with the Plaintiff’s employees, agents, contractors or suppliers or their families;