Jeremy - Eden Grove Artist in Residence

Hail and rain bounced and dripped off the old-growth canopy of Eden grove and onto Jeremie’s wet painting. The streaks it left captured aspects of the forest, adding ridges to the cedar’s bark and a glistening to the canopy.

Jeremy reflects “I was very careful to retain the marks made by the rain. I don’t want to mess with what nature did to this painting.” He says “that’s the main impetus for doing it outside. My feeling is when you’re making a painting outside you’re sort of having a conversation with the place. Because it takes a long time, and you spend a long time looking at it you notice all the incidentals as they present themselves over time. Like light picks up on a certain branch at a certain time and you didn’t even see that thing but now it’s highlighted. It’s almost like it’s expressing itself.”

Jeremy Herndl is the inaugural artist for the Eden Grove Artist In Residence Program.

Song: Alexis French – Rivers

Produced by: Will O’Connell In association with the rainforest flying squad: