Yesterday was the day that the corporate dudes in big shiny trucks showed up with some serious game face at the Rainforest Flying Squad protection camps to alas issue the infamous injunction so they can get on with the logging of the very last stands of ancient forest on Pacheedaht and Dididaht territory, where they have been prevented access at Fairy Creek, Edinburgh mountain, Bugaboo watershed and elsewhere by the strength of grassroots resistance to the status quo over a solid eight months of blockades!
The scene on the Caycuse frontline where I was had a real down to business as usual feel! The officious body language said it all: Time to quell the grassroots direct action movement that has engaged the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people around the call for government to once and for all put a halt to the industrial destruction of these wondrous, biologically-rich, endangered ancient forests that a growing social consensus agree are worth incomparably far more standing than as short-term timber profits and jobs? Time to cede to the authorities who are telling us that we have the right to protest, but not to prevent hard-working people from going to work each day? Time to back down, content to have done our best?
Not at all! Just at the moment when those of us who have been part of the organizing core for these blockades were maxing out on overwhelm and fatigue, is when the people who have been watching, supporting and drawing inspiration from these actions have begun to heed the call to participate more directly.
Literally, as we speak hundreds of people have been making their way up to our many frontline camps near Fairy Creek, on Edinburgh mountain, Walbran and Caycuse valleys to camp out in COVID-safe pods on the logging roads to hold space for the ancient forests in the face of the injunction. The injunction, ironically, is building our movement, not taking it down, as Teal Jones would’ve hoped!
My mind reels at the the thought of how the RCMP can deal with a sprawling movement of civil disobedience mobilizing to multiple frontlines across hours of shitty logging roads to where the last stands are at! It would make a lot more sense for the government to just do the right thing and spare the huge waste of public expense on policing forest defenders, than just protecting the less than 2% of the ancient forest land-base that is left and get it done, now! Then we can all go back to our everyday lives.


On the ground reconnaissance revealed that Teal Jones began the Easter long weekend, sending falling crews into the Caycuse watershed, Dididaht territory to log off more of the ancient forest. By Sunday night, word had spread like wild fire and dozens of vehicles were parked sideways across the road, the most beautifully crafted outhouse from salvaged red cedar I have ever seen, was installed and people were getting organized to resist further destruction on the endangered ecosystem of that over-logged valley. For five consecutive days now, fallers were turned back, with no police enforcement of the injunction.
Spirits have been high at all camps. Strong community is building around a common purpose and shared love for the land and the movement is growing in capacity to effectively disrupt the status quo currently laying waste to the equivalent of 34 soccer fields of old-growth forest on Vancouver island alone, per day!
This is the time to get off the sidelines and onto the frontlines. There will not be a better opportunity to effectively resist the industrial-capitalist juggernaut destroying the last real forests. You will not be at risk of arrest for participating in the frontline effort unless you consciously choose to disobey the injunction. That is your choice and nobody else’s. There are many skill sets and roles needed around camp and to support people risking arrest that are not themselves at all arrestable.
We need all hands on deck right now in the Caycuse watershed where falling crews have been trying to get past the blockades for the past five days! Enough is enough!
Please reach us at or via our website: for road directions and to get connected to the urgent frontline struggle for the last ancient forests!
We are doing this!