As concerned citizens, we are holding a vigil at the BC Provincial Courthouse, 850 Burdett St Victoria, to show our support for the Fairy Creek Blockade. We welcome anyone to show their solidarity by engaging in this Facebook event:

If you plan on supporting in person, please wear masks and practice physical distancing.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend, but the very very last of Vancouver Island’s ancient forests are in danger of being destroyed… for the profit of a very few already rich people. This doesn’t include the men and women who risk their lives working extremely hard in the industry. This situation is technically legal and has been enabled by the NDP government. Our premier has shown utter contempt at our struggle by cowardly hiding from our questions regarding his election promises and lies. Lies he told to people who likely voted for him on this platform. It’s a cowardly disgrace.

Right now, campers are in roving locations blocking access to several of the very last ancient forests in BC from destructive road-building and the indiscriminate, blood-thirsty ‘harvesters’ of the logging companies.

Earlier this month, the BC provincial court heard an injunction application from the logging company Teal Jones, requesting to remove protesters’ blockades. Teal Jones also asked the court to allow RCMP to arrest and remove anyone in violation. Remember the last time this happened?
The judge’s decision is due on the morning of April 1.

We will meet at the Blanshard St side of the building. We may march to the legislature as well. JOIN US!!