Rainforest Flying Squad - Last Stand

Thank you all,  for all your support in the struggle to protect the endangered ancient temperate rainforests from the daily tragedy of continued industrial destruction. 

The Rainforest Flying Squad- Last Stand for the Ancient Forests is now an 8 month direct action campaign with active blockades on Pacheedaht and Dididaht territory, that started in August, 2020 with a stand to prevent road-building into the headwaters of the unlogged Fairy creek watershed and which have been peopled 24-7 since. 
Our frontline strategy is to continue to peacefully defend the last stands of ancient forest in the face of a BC Supreme court injunction and potentially in the face of imminent mass arrests, while government stands by offering nothing but empty promises, foot-dragging and deference to the status quo.  
 We are asking that supporters not able to be on the frontlines engage in rolling solidarity actions to peacefully occupy the constituency offices of your local MLAs and Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development offices, Canadian federal forestry offices and Canadian embassy offices abroad as soon as arrests begin, with these sets of political demands, supported by BC municipalities, progressive labour unions, the engo and scientific community, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) and a huge majority of BC voters and concerned citizens world-wide that recognize that in a climate and biodiversity crisis of global magnitude, it is unconscionable to destroy rare ancient forests that are nature’s best 10,000 year old climate mitigation strategy:
  • An immediate ban on the industrial logging of all ancient forests
  • Immediate implementation of the 14 recommendations of the provincial Old-Growth Strategic Review (OGSR)
  • Public investment into sustainable economic alternatives for First Nations and forest-dependent communities that facilitate a just transition from old-growth logging
                                      Enough is enough!