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Logging Continues Despite Extremely Flammable Conditions

BUGABOO CREEK, VANCOUVER ISLAND, July 16, 2021   Despite tinder-dry conditions and high to extreme fire-danger ratings throughout Vancouver Island, logging continues in the Bugaboo region near Greater Fairy Creek.   Satellite imagery shows that since Friday July 9, several hundred metres have been felled to provide road access for clearcut logging.   This old-growth […]

Teal Jones Proposal Could Cause BC Taxpayers to Bear the Burden of Forest Defenders’ Prosecutions

TEAL JONES PROPOSAL COULD CAUSE BC TAXPAYERS TO  BEAR THE BURDEN OF FOREST DEFENDERS’ PROSECUTIONS   July 8, 2021, Duncan, B.C. – Teal Jones this week asked the court to invite the BC Attorney General (AG) to take on the ongoing prosecutions of forest defenders. This request will alleviate Teal Jones of the financial and procedural burdens of prosecuting more than a […]

RFS News Advisory – Court proceedings Tuesday, July 6

June 5, 2021, Victoria BC   On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Teal Jones will be making application to the court to the BC Attorney General to,   “assume conduct, on an ongoing basis, of contempt proceedings against all individuals who have been or who will be arrested for breaching the injunction; to undertake a review […]

Meet Jeremy. Artist in Residence at Eden Grove

 Hail and rain bounced and dripped off the old-growth canopy of Eden grove and onto Jeremie’s wet painting. The streaks it left captured aspects of the forest, adding ridges to the cedar’s bark and a glistening to the canopy. Jeremy reflects “I was very careful to retain the marks made by the rain. I […]

Despite Deferral Old Growth Logging Continues

June 21, 2021: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Logging Continues in Ada’itsx / Greater Fairy Creek Rainforest and Other Old-Growth Areas   Despite public expectations that ancient forests have been saved, old-growth logging continues in the intact, adjacent forests surrounding Fairy Creek. Activists say the old-growth logging deferral announced June 9th has changed little.   While a […]


Paul Stamets Pens Support of Old Growth Protection

Paul Stamets • PHONE: (360) 426-9292 • FAX: (360) 427-5861 • BC Old Growth Forests Need Protection To Whom It May Concern, May 23, 2021 Re: Fairy Creek, and the last remnants of old growth forests in BC Having spent decades studying the role of mushroom mycelium in habitat health, it is clear to me […]

Tzeporah Berman to join RFS blockades

Tzeporah Berman, director of the environmental organization Stand.earth, says she is taking some time to join one of Rainforest Flying Squad’s blockades. “There are moments in history when our government fails us. When we are called to stand up. This is one of those moments,” she said. “I can’t believe that almost 30 years after […]

Anti-Indigenous Violence at Walbran Camp by Industry Workers

May 5, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anti-Indigenous Violence at Walbran Camp by Industry Workers An Indigenous youth was physically assaulted by forestry workers yesterday at the Walbran watch camp. The watch camp is part of the Rainforest Flying Squad’s nonviolent direct action to protect old-growth forests near Port Renfrew, which includes Fairy Creek. This camp […]