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Media Release Statement by Bill Jones

Media Release Statement: April 13, 2021 Statement by Bill Jones from an Interview with Kati George-Jim   “Currently and historically there hasn’t been any respect for our land, for the Pacheedaht and for all of our Indigenous lands and forests.” – Bill Jones Speaking from the coastal experience, colonial political actors and systems have been […]

Call-Out For Rolling Solidarity Actions

Thank you all,  for all your support in the struggle to protect the endangered ancient temperate rainforests from the daily tragedy of continued industrial destruction.  The Rainforest Flying Squad- Last Stand for the Ancient Forests is now an 8 month direct action campaign with active blockades on Pacheedaht and Dididaht territory, that started in August, […]


Yesterday was the day that the corporate dudes in big shiny trucks showed up with some serious game face at the Rainforest Flying Squad protection camps to alas issue the infamous injunction so they can get on with the logging of the very last stands of ancient forest on Pacheedaht and Dididaht territory, where they […]

Injunction Granted – We Remain Vigilant and Dedicated

Injunction Granted Against Rainforest Flying Squad in Fairy Creek and Other Hot Spots Despite the injunction granted to the logging company today in court, Fairy Creek forest defenders vow to continue the fight to protect old-growth forests. This image shows the section of old growth forest at the headwaters of Fairy Creek that Teal Jones […]

Rally for Ancient Forests – March 27 Victoria

Despite election campaign promises made by the BC NDP, Old Growth forests are still clear cut at a rate of 150,000 ha a year. If this continues, we will lose all of BC’s ancient forests within the next few years. Teal Cedar seeks an injunction to break the ancient forest blockades on Pacheedaht territory, extend […]

Rain4est Flying Squad Deploys New Blockade to Halt Road-Building into the Last Ancient Forests of Bugaboo Creek

Pacheedaht Territory — This Monday, December 7, grassroots forest activists with the Rain4est Flying Squad, with an invitation from Pacheedaht nation elder Bill Jones, mobilized under heavy rainfall to halt the falling of dense stands of 500- 800 year old Western Red and Yellow cedars, towering hemlocks and Amabilis fir for an extended road incursion […]

Teal Jones is officially seeking an injunction Against Forest Defenders Protecting the Fairy Creek Rainforest

Media Release Feb. 19, 2020 9:45 AM For immediate release After 6 Months of Peaceful Protest Teal Jones is seeking an injunction Against Forest Defenders Protecting the Fairy Creek Rainforest BREAKING; Early this morning one of the Rainforest Flying Squad’s forest defense camps protecting the eastern portion of the Fairy Creek Rainforest was notified by […]